Note 10969

Date/Time:2019-04-01 @ 0500
Observer:YVO Constant Logger
Time Entered:2019-04-01 10:12:52
Time Updated:2019-04-01 10:22:15
Time Uploaded:2019-04-01 10:22:14
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Note:It looks as if Whirligig has switched, without much of a transition, to an eruptive pattern consisting out of largely 'major'/'normal' eruptions since 0000 on 30 March 2019.

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No flags for this note. Constant Logger trace spanning one month, as seen at 1020 on 01 April 2019.Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2019-04-01 10:21:23
Time Uploaded:2019-04-01 10:21:23
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