Note 11139

Date/Time From:2019-05-01 @ 2029
Date/Time To:2019-05-01 @ 2050
Observer:Lori Stebbins
Time Entered:2019-05-01 22:18:02
Time Updated:2019-05-01 22:48:17
Time Uploaded:2019-05-01 22:48:18
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Note:NV initiating with SV joining in within seconds most of time. Continuous babbling runoff at steerage from 2032 to 2040 with a raging river at 2035 after a sustained bursting. SV burst to tree tops from mid deck concerted with a somewhat shorter NV that was sustained enough to cause an audible raging river about 2045. In short time I was there, mostly shorter and angled bursts though many were concerted. Heard Sandhill Cranes in the basin.

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