Note 11583

Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time From:2019-06-04 @ 1258
Date/Time To:2019-06-04 @ 1428
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2019-06-04 21:27:03
Time Updated:2020-12-29 03:24:51
Time Uploaded:2020-12-29 03:24:51
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Note:Old Tardy C Geyser in the Sawmill Group (vent is at 44° 27’ 57.57" North latitude, 110° 50' 11.59" West longitude), 20 feet east of Crystal Spring. 1258 - water level is over the central funnel, with constant bubbling/roiling, and a low-pitched buzzing. 1344 - water level is lower - in the central funnel, with moderately vigorous low splashing; same behavior at 1428. See attachment.

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Video showing Old Tardy C Geyser in the afternoon of 4 June 2019.Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2020-12-29 03:25:18
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