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Date/Time From:2019-09-02 @ 0630
Date/Time To:2019-09-02 @ 1815
Time Entered:2019-09-02 18:52:52
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Note:Arrived at the steerage early in the morning. Whole day was categorized by larger events compared to last Monday. The day seemed like it was having mostly angled south and a lot of aggressive and kinda bouncy stuff out of north. Spaced about 15?minutes apart from one another or less. I was not keeping track of time. There were 3 events that created 5 level runoff. At about 1100 was the last one that was a “soil your underpants moment” as I termed it. Huge, vertical, sustained out of both vents that didn’t seem to have any follow up or lead up. But not quite tall enough or sustained enough to initiate. I even thought it might start but it did not. It then went into a lull that lasted for about 5 hrs until about 1630 when some angled and vertical minors were occurring that wouldn’t follow up but peeked my interest. A lot less runoff than in the morning with 2-3s and when I left at 1815 from the steerage, it seemed to be coming back a little bit but not making me excited. So I decided pack it in and come back the next day.

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