Note 13518

Date/Time From:2019-08-27 @ 1349
Date/Time To:2019-08-27 @ 1406
Entrant:Janet Jones
Time Entered:2019-09-03 09:51:27
Time Uploaded:2019-09-03 09:51:27
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Note:1349 Walked up to Lakeshore Geyser in heavy overflow. No bubbling in larger vent until the water began to drop. No bubbles seen in smaller vent. | 1353 Overflow began. D< 1 minute. No bubbles or boiling in smaller vent, large vent stopped boiling during overflow, but vigorous boiling started on the boardwalk side of the vent as soon as the overflow stopped. | 1357 overflow began. D< 1 minute. No bubbles, just smooth overflow. | 1401 overflow began. D= 37 seconds. One bubble rose in the smaller vent. Left vent behaved as before with no boiling or bubbles during overflow, but boiling began the moment the water level dropped. | 1405 Overflow began. D= 27 seconds. No bubbles rising in smaller vent. | 1406 left the area.

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