Note 13667

Date/Time From:2019-09-11 @ 0949
Date/Time To:2019-09-11 @ 1800
Time Entered:2019-09-12 18:04:45
Time Updated:2019-09-12 18:26:34
Time Uploaded:2019-09-12 18:26:48
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Note:I noted that the South Vent channel appeared to be very white by 0957. Some things looked better today (better organization of some minor series - build-up & follow-through). I noted Raging Rivers at 0953, 1059, & 1143. The big change, though, came at around 1730 with a very strong series that was more typical of those before previous eruptions. (On days before this, series often consisted of one strong minor followed either by weaker ones or with no follow up. Those usually had no buildup to the strong one. Also, the stronger minors usually ended with a South Jet solo.)

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