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Date/Time:2019-09-15 @ 1804
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Note:3D 20H PE. water has returned to the system. SV ~15', NV wispy angled jets ~20'. Not much grumbling. Back shoulder is dry. SV had one meh solo, angled jet that put a fair amount of water down the channel. SV channel is wet with a consistent flow of water into the trough and out beyond the bridge to the creek. 1756 Concerted minor that put a 2 on the Tara scale down SV channel. Cistern Spring is high. Overflowing in 4 directions including the muddy pool. sorry for no morning report, we went on a hike.

Thanks for your continued reports!
Entrant: bhoppe
Time Entered:2019-09-15 19:56:33
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