Note 13895

Date/Time From:2019-10-06 @ 1545
Date/Time To:2019-10-06 @ 1915
Observer:Ryan, Udo, Hope Brooks
Time Entered:2019-10-06 21:31:12
Time Uploaded:2019-10-06 21:31:12
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Note:Saw two decent minors. One at 17:10 was concerted and vertical from both vents. Runoff at Steerage was a 3. One at 18:54 got all of us standing with a solid pi (3.14159...) on the runoff scale (Udo and I debated 3 or 4). The minor itself was large, with North at 40-50ft, South at 30-40ft and thick columns. Neither minors had any real follow ups. The rest of the period was basically garbage. Nice steady runoff at Steerage but nothing to really write home about. Norris closed at 19:15 for construction. Theoretically it’s only for two days. Fingers crossed that SB false starts itself through construction.

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