Note 13922

Date/Time:2019-10-11 @ 1300
Time Entered:2019-10-11 14:35:11
Time Updated:2019-10-12 01:32:11
Time Uploaded:2019-10-12 01:32:11
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Note:Steady trickle down South Vent Runoff Channel. One minor at 13:05 that was sustained for about 15 seconds, north and south both angled to 20-30ft with very very small amounts of vertical (ET briefly gone by both vents) with a babbling brook down the SVRC. All other minors weren’t worth noting. North routinely was angled to 20-30ft. South sometimes showed itself. NOTE: Ice in the trough at base of SVRC. Logger is probably still iced over despite runoff.

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