Note 13937

Date/Time From:2019-10-13 @ 1255
Date/Time To:2019-10-13 @ 1448
Observer:Lori S
Time Entered:2019-10-13 20:02:28
Time Updated:2020-06-01 12:31:38
Time Uploaded:2020-06-01 12:31:38
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Note:12:55 - Water level quite full to light gray. Dark inner band fully submerged. Mostly quiet pool with gentle bubbles. 12:58 - surge to maybe 6". 13:05 & 13:10 - larger bubbles, not quite full surge. 13:17 - water level dropped, very top of dark band just visible above water. 13:23 - surge to about 6" 13:24 - water level dropped more, light gray fully below water right side. 13:35 - angled stick on back side - tip just exposed above water. 13:50 - Tip of angled stick half way between water and top of dark inner band. 14:09 - Level at white band. Quiet with no bubbles. 14:14 - Lighter band at bottom of dark inner band exposed above water. About 1-2" of black below that also exposed. 14:23 - water rising, continuous roiling, water right at lighter band. 14:25 - Level below white band with dark showing. No bubbles. 14:35 - Big splash, broke surface, sustained for about a minute. 14:48 - Level still just below white line. Tiny bubbles in middle. [Palpitator almost full and palpitating whole time, water level rose to overflow by 14:48.] [One "service" schnauzer observed being carried by its owner about 14:02.]

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