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Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Date/Time:2019-10-24 @ 0832
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Note:There was a large steam cloud observed on the webcam that was in the general area of F&M. Really hard to tell, with the white skies and -2 degree temps, what it is. But we don't generally see steam at that location and the distance, angle are correct for F&M. I will attach a screenshot, captured late @ 9:10, but still seems extra steamy there. EDIT: After an in-basin observation from Steve and subsequent eruption of riverside, I would probably lean toward this steam being riverside in the mist.

Check the GOSA recording tomorrow; I pointed the cam right at the rising plume when it first became visible.
Entrant: CraigC
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No flags for this note. from 9:10, later than the original observationEntrant: EricZ
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