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Geyser:Old Faithful
Date/Time:2020-02-13 @ 1133
Observer:ryan and others via webcam
Time Entered:2020-02-13 11:44:51
Time Uploaded:2020-02-13 11:44:51
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Note:Preplay event between 10-30ft tall lasted 1m 10s.

sounds very much like observations made twice by John Railey in the 1980s
Entrant: TSBryan
Time Entered:2020-02-14 10:46:40
Time Uploaded:2020-02-14 10:46:42
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Capture from Joe NEntrant: underarockphoto
Time Entered:2020-02-13 12:00:05
Time Uploaded:2020-02-13 12:00:05
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