Note 14555

Date/Time From:2020-06-06 @ 1040
Date/Time To:2020-06-06 @ 1320
Time Entered:2020-06-06 14:45:45
Time Uploaded:2020-06-06 14:45:51
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Both NV & SV started showing water at 1110. By 1125 NV was having max bursts to 20ft and SV to about 8ft. At 1155 SV was having a few bursts to 10-15ft. By 1228 SV was still 10-15ft with NV still at 20ft max. Between 1155 & 1320 SV had created three light stream flows with small gravel..Color was still clear. At no time were there any vertical or near vertical plays from either vents.

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