Note 14608

Date/Time From:2020-06-12 @ 0614
Date/Time To:2020-06-12 @ 0912
Observer:Lori S
Time Entered:2020-06-12 11:38:44
Time Updated:2020-06-12 12:02:19
Time Uploaded:2020-06-12 12:02:20
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Note:Sent a few good surges down the SV channel as seen from Steerage at 0614. Looked promising. Walked to far Back Basin after to social distance myself for a sit. From 0645 onward (as seen from far Back Basin), continued angled splashing, mostly N some S, until I left my stakeout location at 0845. Could not see details of minors from that far so will leave that for others to report. My stakeout location revealed the following observation: Blue Mud Steam Vent would audibly surge, followed by the same from Yellow Funnel Spring & Puff N Stuff (simultaneous). About 2 minutes later, SB would splash from N Vent to tree tops (as seen from far away). This possibly coincidental activity continued regularly from about 0645 to 0800 at which point traffic picked up on the main road and my pin-drop quiet location was no longer quiet. 0912 from Steerage, runoff had returned to a babbling brook.

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