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Date/Time From:2020-06-18 @ 1532
Date/Time To:2020-06-18 @ 1552
Time Entered:2020-06-18 16:14:57
Time Uploaded:2020-06-18 16:14:57
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Note:(wc) 1-3 events/minute, mostly 3 events. Events were separated by about 10-20s of quiet (pause) and lasted themselves about equally long. Throughout this note, "same" refers to 1532a and 1533a for behavior. 1532a small boiling ie (¼ to ½ size of regular Anemone-Little play). 1533a boil (about Anemone-Little-sized), then small; 1533b same as 1533a. 1534a same, weak; 1534b same w/ sustained boil. 1535a same; 1535b big boil (Anemone-Big-sized) sustained; 1535c same, small (Anemone-Little-sized is probably generous). 1536a same, small; 1536b same, very small; 1536c same, v. small. 1537a same, small (long, ±15-20-odd seconds); 1537b same, small; 1537c same, small. 1538a same, big; 1538b (cam sync, no event); 1538c same, long. 1539a same, small (long pause ±15s preceded). 1540a same, small; 1540b same, small. 1541a same, small; 1541b same, small; 1541c same, decent start (Anemone-Little-sized), small otherwise. 1542a same, small; 1542b same, small. 1543a same, v. small (long pause ≥±20s preceded); 1543b same, v. small. 1544a same, v. small but picked up in size - lasted >30s; 1544b big start, small otherwise. 1545a same, Anemone-Big-sized start; 1545b same, small. 1546a same, small w/ big boil; 1546b same, sustained. 1547a same, short duration with long pause preceding; 1547b same, short pause. 1548a same, bigger than other events; 1548b same, decent boil on start. 1549a same, small. 1550a same, small (long pause preceded); 1550b same, small. 1551a same, v. small; 1551b same, v.small. 1552 cam panned away, end of observations.

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