Note 14848

Date/Time From:2020-07-02 @ 0749
Date/Time To:2020-07-02 @ 0819
Time Entered:2020-07-02 07:49:56
Time Updated:2020-07-02 08:20:24
Time Uploaded:2020-07-02 08:32:03
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:3D, 6hrs PE; Both vents active, NV jetting 30' with slight "bounce". SV more voluminous, approaching vertical, with light, steady runoff. Back shoulder has moderate runoff with little water making it into far channel. CS pool is high, lapping over scalloped edges, with light dribble into muddy pool. Moderate boil. Trough is mostly clear of gravel with both wires exposed. Nice NV with some bounce as l left.

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