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Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time From:2020-07-13 @ 1429
Date/Time To:2020-07-13 @ 1514
Time Entered:2020-07-14 21:04:10
Time Updated:2020-07-18 18:08:20
Time Uploaded:2020-07-18 18:08:20
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Viewed from bench at Constant. From the vantage point on bench the geyser is just beyond and to the right (upslope) of small trees growing on slope. Eruption is quick, thin bursting - hard to photograph due to short duration and distance away. Bursts/jets are at least twice the height of the nearby young trees on the slope. For multiple burst sets all the bursts occurred within a few seconds. 1429 2 bursts. 1438 5 bursts. 1453 1 burst. 1456 1 burst. 1500 1 burst. 1507 2 bursts. 1509 6 bursts. 1514 3 bursts. Hard for this observer to tell if these are distinct eruptions or just larger activity in a long duration event. Steam from feature waxed and waned, but would need binoculars to see if activity was continuous. Based on note from Mkeller on Saturday July 18, 2020 this feature is about 30 feet NW of Collapsed Cave geyser.

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