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Date/Time From:2020-08-23 @ 1700
Date/Time To:2020-08-23 @ 1715
Time Entered:2020-08-23 18:59:57
Time Uploaded:2020-08-24 08:18:31
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Note:SB platform is still dry as a bone! Some very weak angled play from both vents. SV - 5', NV - 8'. No water in SV runoff channel at all. Cistern Spring is in overflow with a mediocre boil. 1815 walked by again and SV has 5' thin trail of water/dampness that is just starting to extend down from the vent. Back Shoulder, back channel, Jabba all bone dry.

Entrant: CraigC
Time Entered:2020-08-24 12:02:25
Time Uploaded:2020-08-24 12:02:25
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