Note 16014

Date/Time From:2020-09-07 @ 0000
Date/Time To:2020-09-07 @ 0630
Observer:Ryan Maurer
Time Entered:2020-09-07 19:21:36
Time Updated:2020-09-09 07:56:06
Time Uploaded:2020-09-09 07:56:07
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Note:Steamboat continued its activity over night. At 0047 and 0048 a large minor event got Ben and I’d attention. NV was vertical and sustained around 40’ with SV dumping enough water to move most gravel out of the runoff. This event repeated at 0114. Somewhere around 0420 while Hope Brooks and I were surveying baselines at Decker Island and Decker 2 another minor put enough water to cover the grassy knoll. At 0400 the wind shifted and I moved from the Upper platform to Steerage to avoid being clobbered by a surprise eruption. Runoff was a steady babbling brook from 0430 to around 0615 at which time it began slowly dropping to a trickle. The behavior pattern where SV would build in size and volume over the span of an hour, ending in a large concerted minor eruption (usually angled but sometimes vertical) happened four times with the ending minors happening at 0048, 0213, 0330, and 0430. By 0700 this pattern seemed largely gone. It was very easily noticeable from the upper platform by watching the steam in SVs runoff gradually increase in volume and length towards steerage. On a tangential note: the night sit was wonderful, warm and dry. The moon lit everything up, and some passing meteor shower produced large and slow fireballs once every ten to twenty minutes.

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