Note 16015

Date/Time From:2020-09-06 @ 0800
Date/Time To:2020-09-06 @ 2359
Observer:Ryan Maurer and BenVL
Time Entered:2020-09-07 19:34:11
Time Uploaded:2020-09-07 19:34:11
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Note:At 0800 runoff at Steerage was barely a trickle and the runoff only went a few yards past the bridge. By 0900 the runoff had widened considerably and around 1100 there was finally a minor which fully wet the runoff channels and moved debris. NV rapidly began producing large minors with semi-frequent thick and vertical minors - but SV was no where to be found. SV slowly began increasing in volume throughout the day. A cycle developed where NV appeared to be in control, dragging SV along with it. This cycle ended abruptly around 1900 when SV apparently decided it was ready to play and there were three consecutive minors where SV was fountaining up to 35’ and North had repeated vertical surges. Ben and I moved to Decker after this to be in position to measure the starting surge just in case. For the next five hours minors were well defined and promising enough that we stayed well after dark. The cycle of NV pulling along SV ended after the minors of 1900 and it appeared SV was in control and dragging along NV with it in a cycle that progressed in definition over the next several hours. Minors that appeared capable of initiating an erupting occurred around 1900, 20:35, and 23:00. None had any follow ups. The observations in these comments are entirely my own and do not reflect the observations of all present obsevers. They are posted solely for historical documentation. Any use by the reader is solely at their own discretion and choice.

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