Note 1602

Date/Time From:2015-05-14 @ 1712
Date/Time To:2015-05-14 @ 1813
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-05-17 00:09:00
Time Updated:2020-12-25 21:07:30
Time Uploaded:2020-12-25 21:07:30
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Note:Gurgling and spitting at 1712 from eastern vent & at 1728 from both vents; done at 1729. Gurgling and spitting from both vents at 1742; done at 1745. Gurgling and spitting from both vents at 1755. Low eruption at 1808 from eastern vent; western vent started spitting/low erupting at 1809; this activity continued to 1811; no visible spitting & quieter gurgling at 1812; done at 1813. See attachment.

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Video of Bearclaw Geyser's activity on 14 May 2015.Entrant: JSJ
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