Note 1610

Geyser:Oval Spring
Date/Time From:2015-05-18 @ 1739
Date/Time To:2015-05-18 @ 1930
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-05-18 23:17:17
Time Updated:2015-12-09 11:17:23
Time Uploaded:2015-12-09 11:17:28
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Note:During a Tardy cycle: whole crater observed to be water-filled at 1739. Full-pool pulsing at 1743-1744 and 1753-1754 and 1803-1804 and 1813-1814 and 1823 (2 more pulsing events were witnessed by others before these). The latter pulsing events resulted in slight overflow from 3 sites along the edge of Oval Spring's geyserite sediment border rim (1: NW side; 2: ESE side; 3: SW side). Observed Oval's water level was way down at 1930, after the end of Penta Geyser's 1827 to 1923 eruption.

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