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Date/Time From:2020-09-21 @ 0843
Date/Time To:2020-09-21 @ 0903
Time Entered:2020-09-21 08:44:13
Time Updated:2020-09-21 09:07:38
Time Uploaded:2020-09-21 09:09:48
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Note:4D, 21hrs PE: very foggy this morning, SB grumbling, NV angled jetting to 20'. SV runoff damp. Can hear SV splashing with trickle coming down runoff. Trickle of runoff at bridge, with water making its way down middle channel below the bridge. Trough mostly clear of gravel, with some build up just under the bridge. Difficult to see, but l do not think there is any water on shoulder or back channel. Cistern just lapping at scalloped edges of pool.

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