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Date/Time:2021-04-19 @ 1523
Time Entered:2021-04-19 15:40:12
Time Updated:2021-04-19 15:41:29
Time Uploaded:2021-04-19 15:41:29
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Note:1523:44 through 1524:00 - three tall jets. First jet 1523:44, second 1523:56, third 1523:58. Height of each higher than Anemone-Big's larger play, between 6-10 feet or so with the first and second being the tallest. Third about 6 feet at most. First jet was accompanied by a steam plume which remained attached to the vent for 8 seconds, so some further action must have happened which was obscured by it. Initially assumed to be Anemone-Big because of this play, but this one erupted 4 minutes later. Remained restless in the minutes after.

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