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Geyser:Emerald Spring
Date/Time:2021-05-07 @ 1101
Time Entered:2021-05-07 11:11:14
Time Updated:2021-05-07 20:05:26
Time Uploaded:2021-05-07 20:05:28
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Note:ES is milky turquoise blue in color with 3 areas, on the east side of the pool, that have ping pong ball - tennis ball sized bubbles that break the surface occationally and send out small convection waves. It is not in overflow. The small bubblers that I call "3 Trees" on the edge of the tree line to the south, now has 2 vents that erupt to 2 - 3" and put water down ES runoff channel.

Thanks and welcome home!
Entrant: Dave from B
Time Entered:2021-05-07 11:32:41
Time Uploaded:2021-05-07 11:32:41
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