Note 17028

Date/Time:2021-05-09 @ 1208
Observer:cb bbev
Time Entered:2021-05-09 12:08:32
Time Uploaded:2021-05-09 14:34:19
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Root pool is down ~3' from my last observation. both pools have a minimal boil in them. color is murky green. The new Thing on the north edge of Tantalus pool close to the tree line of the island that divides Steamboats runoff (the delta) is still very active. it seems to cycle a bit from very active, burst ~3', to smaller 1' burst and then cycles back to bigger play. I have not seen it stop completely. Tantalus main pool is low and has a few boiling points with the center vent having a constant minimal roiling boil.

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