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Date/Time From:2021-05-11 @ 1102
Date/Time To:2021-05-11 @ 1114
Time Entered:2021-05-11 11:13:59
Time Updated:2021-05-11 12:07:41
Time Uploaded:2021-05-11 12:26:35
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Note:6D11H PE. SB is gently huffing steam and grumbling. SV runoff channel is damp but not around its vent. Water MAY be coming from a steaming vent at the base of Jabba close to SV runoff channel. (below & barely to the left of its established, white, channel) No water from either vent during this period. Interestingly the channel is WET about 15' down but mostly dry above that from SV pool down. Cistern spring is overflowing in all directions. Can't see boil through the steam. 1206 a very wispy NV spritz

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