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Date/Time:2021-06-21 @ 1541
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Time Updated:2021-06-21 15:53:06
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Note:Steamboat is splishy/splashy. NV angled jets to 30', SV angled splashes to 5'. SV channel has a constant trickle of water to the bridge and a single, thin steam of water beyond the bridge. it does not reach Tantalus Creek. Cistern spring pool is high, clear and overflowing to the south and backside with a vigorous roiling, blooping boil. Emerald spring is clear, calm & in overflow.

Between about 1000-1100 water was trickling down the South Vent channel. The trough was full of many pebbles plus water. Water was past the bridge.
Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2021-06-22 03:17:46
Time Uploaded:2021-06-22 03:17:46
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