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Note:34D+. SB is having very active periods followed by inactivity. Active periods have tall, NV angled and vertical play accompanied by SV angled and aalllmosttt vertical, tall play. SV is currently putting out babbling brooks and several raging rivers. I have watched this play alot in the past few weeks and we get impressive action only to see it dissimprove directly afterwards. But, it is a holiday and.... :) 😀 There is more green algae in the trough and down the channel past the bridge. Cistern spring pool is low! Only over flowing out the established channel toward Echinus and barely over the back side. Surrounding edges of the platform are caked dry as is the muddy pool. Emerald Spring is low and BARELY overflowing. Event non-geyser related: >The Beverly's caught MANY cutthroat trout (22") in the past 3 days!

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