Note 18320

Date/Time:2021-07-09 @ 1942
Time Entered:2021-07-09 19:43:23
Time Updated:2021-07-10 18:34:27
Time Uploaded:2021-07-10 21:52:33
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:1D13H. Emerald spring is more blue than green, clear, Not in overflow and has 3 areas that have golf ball sized bubbles breaking the surface in the thumb, close to the edge by the boardwalk and on the south edge. More than this morning. SB is still pushing a continuous thin jet of water from the NV to ~15'. SV is forcefully huffing a mix of steam & water. There is a light flow of water down the SV channel and it is coated in white! Cistern Spring is empty/no steam and also is white with a yellowy/ light green tint on the top inner rim.

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