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Date/Time From:2021-08-29 @ 0728
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Note:Very unusual activity in Grotto complex, one of the two strangest starts I have ever seen. At 7:28 I arrived at Grotto to here it grumbling without any water splashing. I then saw the “pressure pool” was up and heard water boiling at Grotto Fountain. I then saw that Spa was in overflow with fast moving water to the river. From past observations I knew this was going to cause chaos if Grotto is trying to start. Further observation of the fountain area I saw that besides Grotto Fountain boiling at about one feet, The two vents in front of South Grotto Fountain were also boiling. Now the details going forward: 7:28-8:28 Grotto - grumbling with No water splashes or central vent activity “Pressure Pool “ - always up Grotto Fountain - continuous 1 ft boil Two vents in front of South Grotto Fountain - 1 to 4 ft continuous boiling South Grotto Fountain main pool - barely a weak 1 ft splash every five minutes Startling - 1 to 2 ft sporadic splashing (I started to check it at 8:15) Spa - continuous strong overflow without any vents on 8:28 Spa - overflow stopped, pool starts to drop 8:28-8:59 All previous described activity continues except Spa is no longer in overflow 8:59 Grotto becomes silent, Grotto Fountain stops visible boiling 8:59 - 9:39 Grotto and Grotto Fountain - in conjunction, Three Grotto grumbling (still no water splashes) and Grotto Fountain boiling up to 4 ft episodes (9:06-9:09, 9:18-9:25, 9:33-9:39) with equal amount of time of silence and not boiling between. “Pressure Pool” - always up but changing level with Grotto Fountain South Grotto Fountain front vents - one or both now boiling a few inches to 2 ft, stronger when Grotto Fountain not boiling South Grotto Fountain main vent - still very little weak one ft splashes Startling - one ft sporadic splashes more. active when Grotto Fountain not boiling Spa - only half of its pool full at 9:30 9:42 Grotto Fountain starts a boil that leads to the 9:48 eruption, Grotto silent this time 9:52 South Grotto Fountain erupts 9:51 Grotto starts to grumble, has first splash of water at 9:52, and erupts at 9:53 A minute or so later Startling had a 4 ft burst followed by a couple of 2 ft bursts about a half minute later before South Grotto Fountain flooded it. It did not erupt. Note again this activity was already in progress upon my arrival

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Ben VL
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