Note 19645

Date/Time:2021-09-18 @ 1320
Observer:Graham, Ben , Dan A, myself
Time Entered:2021-09-18 14:43:29
Time Updated:2021-09-18 14:45:30
Time Uploaded:2021-09-18 14:45:35
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:After stopping during F&M as has been observed recently, today as F&M was winding down, Spiteful had a much more energized boil from its two vents closest to the boardwalk. Activity was strong enough to throw a couple of small rocks up out of the crater. Also, the pool was drained enough to stop overflow, down at least 3”. When the vents ran out of water, the vents and the gravel bar at the back of the crater were just above the level of the pool.

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