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Date/Time From:2021-09-23 @ 0745
Date/Time To:2021-09-23 @ 0810
Time Entered:2021-09-23 08:30:29
Time Uploaded:2021-09-23 08:30:29
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Note:12D,1hr PE: Both vents active, NV angled 15’+, SV angled and independent of NV to 10’+. SV runoff has steady trickle that appears to reach all the way to Tantalus creek. Back shoulder appears moist, but is difficult to see due to wind direction. Steady, soft grumble from SB. CS continues to overflow in all directions, muddy pool is full and overflowing. ES is also overflowing, flat, and clear. This cycle appears different than the last IMHO, due to early high water levels in both CS and ES. Also due to earlier return of water to SV and the observation that SV is having solo minors, which it rarely, if ever had prior to previous eruption.

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