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Geyser:Norris Pool
Date/Time From:2021-10-10 @ 1815
Date/Time To:2021-10-10 @ 1835
Time Entered:2021-10-11 13:23:49
Time Uploaded:2021-10-11 13:23:50
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Note:Water level was rising with boiling along the SW edge when I checked a few minutes into Fan and Mortar which started at 1812. The pool reached peak height around 1823, just before F&M's first pause. It was higher than I have ever seen it, less than an inch below the vegetation line on the SE corner. As soon as F&M paused, the water level began to drop slowly.

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Ben VL
Time Entered:2021-10-11 23:14:32
Time Uploaded:2021-10-11 23:17:43
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