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Note:Lets say there are 5 vents related to Ledge. Main - the one by Jetsam Pool because it used to be the near main erupting vent and I don't like the name thumb. White, Red, Pressure and Finger since the only left is the little finger so I'll drop little. at 9:40 Black Growler? Geyser directly upslope become very active with steam and water output, greater than previous 24 hours. at 9:40 Main started a noticeable continous flow out, at the same time White started a mild roaring steam jet that had some water 1/5th of the time Duration was 8 to 60 seconds with intervals of 1 to 8 seconds. prefering the 8 - 10 second bursts that when it had water only had water for a couple seconds, with intervals of 1 to 2 seconds for 7.5 hours. Over a period of 4 hours it reached it's max volume based on distance to parking lot and it being said it could be heard there, I'd say the max volume was around half that as I've been near some loud geysers 20 to 40 minutes after main started it's overflow, red started a noticeable overflow 20 to 40 minutes after that both red and main had a very noticeable increase in overflow 20 to 40 minutes after that Pressure started to increase overflow to reach the base of white. It took 20 to 40 minutes to reach it's max overflow. 20 to 40 minutes after that Jetsam pool overflowed due to the inflow of water 10 to 20 minutes after that finger started overflowing At this point shining multiple flashlights on White I see a 1 to 2 inch ring of water around it. Thoughts and notes I thought it was from pressure thinking the back of the white mound is the same height as the front. I was corrected later, and seeing the activity of black growler and the steam from white blocking view of water overflow. I think it likely black growler is what caused the upper half of the 1-2 inch water ring as it flowed down hill This ring was around for at least 10 minutes that is max overflow at finger overflow, it laster 30 to 60 minutes then reduced severly in strength for the remaining hours. White reached it's max volume after max overflow ended. Total duration of overflow period is 7.5 hours. Half strength steam phase based on comparison to youtube videos of steam phase lasts about 20 minutes

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