Note 2021

Date/Time From:2015-08-05 @ 2103
Date/Time To:2015-08-05 @ 2132
Observer:Ryan Maurer
Time Entered:2015-08-05 21:52:10
Time Uploaded:2015-08-05 22:35:42
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Obviously weak activity. watched for about a half hour. Near constant minor activity that would wax and wane. A "surge" would send water out of both vents simultaneously. The initial surges sent sustained water to above tree level from the North vent and to half way up the trees from the South vent. The first three held this jetting for about 20-25 seconds each and then would die down, build up, and die down until it almost stopped when it would immediately do another surge. The last two were concerted but weaker and not as consistent. Water output from North was wispy at best but did send waves down the channels. Water from south was heavy - Aurum like? Knowing how my statements get taken I'll state very clearly that I know this is very weak activity. The tall, sustained, and concerted activity was interesting enough that I felt it necessary to leave a note here - just in case ;)

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