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Date/Time From:2021-11-04 @ 0730
Date/Time To:2021-11-04 @ 1840
Time Entered:2021-11-04 19:57:34
Time Updated:2021-11-04 21:51:32
Time Uploaded:2021-11-04 21:51:32
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Note:NV was more active today than the previous two days of observation. Active period from 1145-1330 that had a few concerted minors with NV bounce and heavy runoff. Many large SV minors with good runoff throughout the day. Big NV vertical at 1804, but no follow-up.

Thanks Russell! This was our last chance for the season. Headed home tomorrow. Thank you Norris for another awesome season. See you next year you Fickle B**ch!
Entrant: bbev
Time Entered:2021-11-05 07:20:10
Time Uploaded:2021-11-05 07:20:13
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