Note 20514

Geyser:Branch Spring
Date/Time:1984-08-21 @ 1200
Observer:Paperiello 1984 rept
Time Entered:2021-11-25 18:32:55
Time Uploaded:2021-11-25 18:32:55
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Note:Aug 21 1984 UNNG#18 - became active as a geyser on August 21st - Before this it remained a generally clear greenish pool. The few recorded eruptions consisted of boiling to 2" - 3" with moderate discharge. The water level drops about 2" after the eruption. Recorded intervals ranged between 27½ to 34 minutes, with durations of 22½ to 28 minutes - periods of activity seemed to be related with the disturbances of 8/19, 8/27, 9/6, & 9/14 [generic day time]

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