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Date/Time:2021-12-30 @ 2212
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Note:Appeared to be a possible eruption on YNM, but now looks like a problem with the seismograph ink. No indication of an eruption on Tantalus Creek discharge gauge. There was a similar signature on 12/26/2021 at 1844. That one seemed to me to be more muted than this one. I do have a screen shot.

this same dense and consistent signature appeared on YNM on 12/26 at 1845 with no change in the Tantalus water temperature gauges or a spike on YVO. Not SB.
Entrant: cb
Time Entered:2021-12-31 06:15:56
Time Updated:2022-01-03 06:45:09
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Super perplexed as to what this signal is. When I pulled the data I thought the amplitude was small but the frequency content checked out. When exactly did the similar signal occur? Would like to check if it also looks similar in the frequency domain.
Entrant: mhreed
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No flags for this note. calendar: Select YNM and change the dates as needed to view 12/26 & 12/30/2021Entrant: Polly
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