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Date/Time:2022-02-19 @ 1625
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Note:Not Tilt, but here to keep this organized: There is a new small steam vent ~10 ft south of Tilts Baby. No surrounding debris or runoff, but there are numerous bison tracks surrounding. Looks punched down, not blown out. Probably no recent tilt eruption, until proven otherwise.

Thanks, AJ!
Entrant: Micah Kipple
Time Entered:2022-02-19 17:40:30
Time Uploaded:2022-02-19 17:40:30
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Agreed, thank you for your note!
Entrant: RMichaels
Time Entered:2022-02-19 17:58:53
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Thank you AJ!!
Entrant: Brando
Time Entered:2022-02-19 18:04:39
Time Uploaded:2022-02-19 18:04:38
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