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Date/Time:2022-05-07 @ 1407
Time Entered:2022-05-07 14:25:32
Time Updated:2022-05-08 06:28:22
Time Uploaded:2022-05-08 06:28:24
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:gently huffing. The SV channel & ET are coated in a white sinter*ish coating. **Emerald spring is clear, calm, overflowing and greenish blue in color. 3 Trees feature is seeping water down the runoff channel, not bubbling or erupting. **Cistern Spring is filling. Water is ~4 - 5' below the rim of the inner tube. (right at the "cave" in the inner tube.) It has a substantial boil. It was difficult to see with my 1 good eye and through the snow squall & steam. I just waited for the wind direction to change and got a good view.

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