Note 21410

Date/Time From:2022-05-21 @ 0805
Date/Time To:2022-05-21 @ 2125
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Dan A, Art & Larissa, & Carol
Time Entered:2022-05-22 00:43:51
Time Updated:2022-05-22 00:50:12
Time Uploaded:2022-05-22 00:50:14
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:SV dominated still. NV had slight progression throughout the day, and Dan said it was better than 2 days ago. NV has good height and is often thick but there is hardly any vertical. SV has a lot of water. Saw some fountaining with heavy runoff a few times. Still a lot of concerted. I noted some nicer minors with NV vertical (half of them are just bounce) back to back @ 1222 & 24, 1313 & 20, 1352 & 54, 1515 & 19, pretty nice at 1843 & 1944.

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