Note 21792

Date/Time From:2022-06-06 @ 1120
Date/Time To:2022-06-06 @ 1430
Observer:bbev dan a & i
Time Entered:2022-06-06 14:53:45
Time Updated:2022-06-06 14:54:32
Time Uploaded:2022-06-06 14:54:31
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Much the same activity as I've seen the past few days. Periods of increased activity that end in a CNVSV with an impressive vertical bounce and then the platform gets semi quiet for period of time. (~30m) One nice CNVVSVH @ 1155 that was sustained & impressive with great runoff, zilcho followup! Nothing equaled that in our observation period. A few SV solos that put alot of water down the channel.

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