Note 22096

Date/Time:2022-06-23 @ 0800
Time Entered:2022-06-24 07:14:26
Time Updated:2022-06-24 07:35:47
Time Uploaded:2022-06-24 07:35:50
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:0800 2D 16hrs PE quietly steaming. No water seen in either vent.  Upper NV channel bubbler is audibly active with visabe water flow down channel, and lower NV channel bubbler active and erupting 3-4" with water flowing down NV channel. Trickle of water at trough, possible from back runoff channel, as SV channel is dry below the vent. CS appears to have recently began overflow to the north, towards Veteran, upper catch basins filling. Overflowing out back channel with trickle into muddy pool.

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