Note 3074

Geyser:Green Spring
Date/Time:2016-06-15 @ 2000
Entrant:Rocco Paperiello
Observer:Rocco Paperiello
Time Entered:2016-06-15 20:05:18
Time Updated:2016-06-15 20:09:53
Time Uploaded:2016-06-15 20:09:53
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Note:We (Micah Kipple and I) noticed a small amount of "new" wash between Green Spring and the boardwalk this afternoon [06/15/16]. While walking past it a bit later I saw a small 2 foot "bulging burst" over the vent just off the front (north) shelf. It did not put out any significant water. The main runoff channel does not look like any significant amount of water flowed down it. Most of the "activity" appears to be occurring only in the north vent and area of the pool. I have hopes to see a "significant" eruption this summer as I missed all the ones in 2008.

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