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Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time:2016-07-05 @ 0945
Time Entered:2016-07-05 13:23:03
Time Updated:2016-07-05 13:24:05
Time Uploaded:2016-07-05 13:24:05
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Note:Hot springs in the center boardwalk continue to slowly rise. Ephedra Pool is about 3-4 inches higher than last week. Ledge Spring's water has lost it's yellow hue and is again a blue color. Blue Funnel is 6 inches higher than it was last month. Thumb Geyser continues to be a dark green/black color, though with higher water levels from last month; water is continuously flowing into it from unnamed feature to its west. No visible water in Perforated or Percolating, but it seemed that there was more steam which could possibly indicate water closer to the surface.

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