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Geyser:Old Faithful
Date/Time:2016-07-06 @ 0207
Time Entered:2016-07-06 02:11:52
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Note:This is my first time on the site. I live in Dubai, hence the odd time of this note. I was looking at the ABC News Live cam, which is not so live, and came here to find out when the next eruption of OF might be. Then is seem strange that there is no reported eruption for over 4 hours. Is it because no one reported one?

No eruptions will be noted when nobody is watching. Ranger station is closed overnight and visitors are rarely in the basin at night. If you see an eruption on the streaming cam, please feel free to note it! Time we use is MDT or UTC-7.
Entrant: vw
Time Entered:2016-07-06 06:12:57
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