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Date/Time From:2016-09-07 @ 0953
Date/Time To:2016-09-07 @ 1024
Time Entered:2016-09-07 11:12:31
Time Updated:2016-09-14 08:48:21
Time Uploaded:2016-09-14 08:48:24
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Note:Both pools full and light bubbling from Pressure Pool at 0953. Receded to low pools and 12-18" splashing from Pressure Pool at 0955. 1000 both pools filled before receding to low pool with bubbling and light splashing in Pressure Pool at 1002. Water levels in both pools were relatively equal throughout observation. No bubbling or splashing from Lakeshore Geyser proper. 1005 Pressure Pool back to full with splashing along rim. 1006 receded again. 1007 rolling boils and splashing. 1008 calmer with light splashing, bubbling. 1009 full pool. 1010 receded again. 1012 full to overflow with splashing along rim. 1013 low pool splashing to 12-18" height began. 1019 filled to overflow with bubbling, quickly receded to low pool with splashing after about 30 sec. Splashes to about 1ft height. 1023 filled to overflow with bubbling, light splashing at rim. It then receded to low pool at 1024 and resumed splashing.

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