Note 3794

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Date/Time From:2016-10-21 @ 1837
Date/Time To:2016-10-21 @ 1843
Entrant:Pat Snyder
Observer:Pat Snyder
Time Entered:2016-10-21 18:43:45
Time Updated:2016-10-21 18:44:19
Time Uploaded:2016-10-21 18:44:20
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Note:Possible F&M ie at 1837 webcam? Steam in the right spot. Riverside not due, based on the on-site time from earlier today (8 hours ago).

In watching the capture i would agree. grotto was already steaming to the left and going almost straight up and Riverside would have likely appeared further to the right.
Entrant: WillBoekel
Time Entered:2016-10-25 16:30:07
Time Uploaded:2016-10-25 16:30:07
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