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Date/Time From:2017-05-05 @ 1500
Date/Time To:2017-05-05 @ 1535
Time Entered:2017-05-05 17:28:04
Time Uploaded:2017-05-05 18:13:35
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Note:I got to Fountain Flats pullout before 1500. Clepsydra was on and off until 1535 when I left. Jim Scheier was up at Fountain when I radioed and confirmed Clepsydra was off. I think Tara was there too. I phoned this info to Maureen when I got back to West. Others may post more later.

I saw Clepsydra shut off from the parking lot at about 1445, but did not go up to Fountain.
Entrant: Tara
Time Entered:2017-05-06 08:44:16
Time Uploaded:2017-05-06 08:44:20
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
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